XIII Remake Day-1 Update

Microids ha rilasciato l’aggiornamento Day-1 per il prossimo remake di XIII. Inoltre, il team ha rivelato alcuni dei miglioramenti che arriveranno nelle patch future e ha rilasciato un nuovo trailer per il gioco.

Entrando in maggiori dettagli, la patch del giorno 1 risolverà vari problemi di crash, bug di gioco e alcuni problemi di intelligenza artificiale. Risolverà anche vari problemi grafici, inclusi alcuni bug di illuminazione ambientale. Inoltre, questa patch aggiungerà una modalità multiplayer locale.

Microids ha dichiarato che le future patch miglioreranno il framerate in numerose località. Inoltre, l’IA dell’NPC riceverà alcuni miglioramenti aggiuntivi e alcuni modelli 3D saranno migliorati.

XIII Remake Day-1 Update Release Notes

  • Fixed various crash issues
  • Fixed various gameplay bugs and issues
  • Also fixed various graphical issues
  • Fixed and added various UI elements
  • Fixed various issues surrounding AI and weapons
  • Also fixed various issues when resetting from a checkpoint
  • Fixed various UI elements
  • Fixed issues with environmental lighting
  • Also fixed issues with character and enemy animations
  • Fixed VFX issues
  • Added Local Multiplayer Mode
  • Numerous small balance tweaks to weapon damage values
  • Minor difficulty scaling changes
  • Tweaks to AI functionality
  • Bug Fixes
  • Fixes for weapon audio bugs
  • Fixes for environmental audio issues
  • Adjustments to cutscene audio


Framerate will be improved in the following locations:

  • Rooftops – Departure
  • Emerald Base – Insertion
  • Emerald base – Rescue
  • Kellownee Lake – Exploration
  • Spads Base – Sabotage, Destruction & Evacuation
  • Resolute base – Intrusion
  • Sanctuary – Sunset Sanctuary
  • SSH1 Base – Forbidden Entry


  • NPC AI improvement is planned.

Save System:

  • Will be improved: the player should be able to load his progression at the last checkpoint and with his weapons saved.


  • Will be improved in following locations:
  • FBI Headquarters (Games crashes when FBI agents kills XIII)
  • Spads Base 02 (Game crashes when the character dies in the water)
  • Emerald Base 02 (Game crashes when XIII dies 2 times near ladder with electricity.)
  • Emerald Base 03 (Game crashes when XIII dies 3 times near electric surrounded area)
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